Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am so sick of people blaming their problems on other people! Like yes, it's very true that women are oppressed, and I agree that it is messed up, I am a female and I think that the way we have been, and are objectified is wrong, messed up , and morally incorrect. However, I don't think that this means that it's ok for some of these women who have been sexually abused, who have been mistreated, to become prostitutes, yes, for a while it's true, it was whoever that creeps fault who touched you or mistreated you, but there's a certain point where you need to stand up and make a change. Another example, my neighborhood: In my neighborhood Kensington was built on factories in the 20’s. The people of the neighborhood lived in the same row houses that I live in today, and the people worked in the abandon factory buildings that are scattered everywhere housing the homeless population of North Philadelphia, Kensington. The people living in this neighborhood worked in these factories on assembly lines, they were poorly educated and the only thing they knew how to do was to attach this piece to this piece and move it on down the assembly line. They were never taught an actual skill, never actually taught a trade. And they weren’t educated well enough to learn. So when came along the great depression and the factories closed down, they were out of work, and they couldn’t get any other work, because the didn’t know how to do anything else. So this became a poor town. And the inhabitants were looked down upon. “white trash.” And because the name was already upon them, and because they needed money, and because in the time of the depression everybody wanted them, the people of Kensington began to sell drugs. This was their “skill” this was their “trade.” Like any trade it was passed on down from generation to generation, and today this is still the biggest place to buy and sell drugs in all of Philadelphia, the same families who sold it then sell it now. The people here are lazy and they like blaming their current problems on things that happened years ago, before they were even born. And to me that’s the way most of the world is, always blaming their problems on other people. But there’s a certain point where it has to stop being somebody else’s fault, there’s a point when you need to rise up, and fix those problems, regardless of who’s fault they are, because complaining never got anybody anywhere.

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