Thursday, February 7, 2008


OK so, I am a high school student and today in bio-chem I had a bit of an... issue with one of the other kids... See, we were learning about evolution and so my teacher was showing us different slides, those dog like things turning into whales, this dinosaur turning into a bird and then he shows the picture of apes to humans. When he showed this slide one of the students in my class jumped up and started yelling that he wouldn't stand to be taught lies by my teacher, my teacher, being the awesome bio-chem teacher that he is, asked him why he thought it was lies. The student said because the bible says that Adam and Eve were created and that they were the first humans and that therefore there is no such thing as evolution. I got kind of frustrated at this and asked the student, "Are you actually telling me that you are going to believe something that is based on absolutely no proof whatsoever except for a book. Over years of evidence from fossils and DNA. studies and research and experimenting and most recently the Genographic project?" "You have to be kidding me... I mean, you can believe whatever you want to believe, you could say that maybe Adam and Eve were the first definite human forms within evolution or you could say that it was god who made this evolution occur but you can't possibly say that evolution doesn't exist." Then he told me he did have proof besides the bible, me, being interested to learn something new as I always am, asked the him to show me. He instantly began spamming me videos from, and yes this is a real thing, GodTube and Jesus Camp videos scriptures and such, then I said that videos where people are acting doesn't prove anything, so he told me I was going to hell. Then he tried to "save me" by spamming me bible phrases and such... I didn't read them, in fact, I deleted them right in front of him, he didn't take to kindly to this and told me I was going to hell repeatedly... At this point my teacher stepped in and tried to mediate. This only caused the student to tell my teacher that he was even more of a sinner than I was because it is one thing if he himself goes to hell but the fact that he is drawing "innocent children" along with him is even worse.

Now, I just have to say, what kind of parent teaches there children to do and say things like that? I mean, ok, people have their beliefs but you shouldn't be telling other people they are wrong because they don't agree... and if you are learning something that is science in science, it may go against your beliefs but it is been proven and so you need to know how to separate what is belief and what is science.

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Fannah Heldman said...

Holy shit why did I not hear about this? Crazy denier of truth!